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Gretchyn Boshart is a stand-up comic and emcee/host and warm up comedian originally from a small town outside of Orlando, FL. She’s also the newest artist with the Trident Records Entertainment family. Her material is smart, irreverent comedy at its finest. Her act is as funny in Disney as it is at a Biker bar in Daytona (and she can leap tall ant hills in a single bound!) Bonus, she can help you with your math homework in a pinch.

This Shorty isn’t a spinner, she’s just fidgety. This tiny package is dynamite on a mic, if you can locate her behind the mic stand. She has been emceeing and warming up in the music and entertainment fields probably since dinosaurs discovered rock music. She is now featuring and headlining across middle earth and has expanded her reach to international waters. She’s fondly and warmly looking forward to headlining on Carnival Cruise Lines to the Bahamas this summer.

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