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Fighting The World (FTW) formed in 1994 in Middletown, OH in the formerly quiet and quaint part of town known as Mayfield.

Equal parts: street, attitude, bloody fists and virtuosity, Fighting The World’s brand of “Mayfield Metal” led to standing room only live shows and a recording deal with multiplatinum producer & engineer, Ronnie Thomas & R.L.T Productions as well as movie soundtrack credits in Deadly Dreamgirls VAMPS (1995).

In 1995 Fighting The World released their debut LP 5.5.2000 with standouts like the strip club favorite “Shed Your Skin” and brass knuckles to the face “F.T.W” and “Fear”.

Fighting The World music is the soundtrack to the mind of Vocalist, Carnival Barker, Ring Leader and Heavy Metal Street Preacher, Randy Trimble. 

Drummer Rick Velde is the heartbeat of the madness while bassist Todd Bowman simultaneously holds down the bottom end with surgical precision AND liquid melody that can only come from someone who was both born with amazing natural talent and the drive to never be satisfied with it. 

Guitarists Todd Braun and Alfie Lucky are individually prodigies in their own right, both light years ahead of their time, seasoned beyond their years, hall of fame

MVP six stringers…. Literal virtuosos.

Todd cutting his teeth with show after show, practicing hour after hour, soaking up the metal around him like a desert sponge. 

Alfie, a GIT graduate and well sought after teacher who many students would pay to just watch him play for the half hour because they couldn’t take their eyes off of the magic that was happening before them. Together they are as loud and deadly as rattlesnake with a gun.

Fighting The World is back!!! 

After dusting off the cobwebs Fighting The World played a select few dates in 2015 and 2019 to rave reviews, creating a demand for more that can’t be ignored or denied!

Fighting The World signed with Nashville based Trident Records in 2019.  Stay tuned for new music and high profile live dates to follow in 2020!

For more visit FightingTheWorldBand.Com and TridentRecords.Net and all social media platforms!

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